Snooper SD815iS

The smallest radar detector in the world. Using digital technology the Signature Series SD815iS offers 5 BAND detection plus all the options you would expect on full size units, plus Super Long Range. In addition its ultra compact size ensures real discretion.

Prior to the release of the Snooper S5, the SD815iS was Snoopers biggest selling unit of all time. The driver is alerted via a series of LED's and a built in pizeo bleeper providing an individual alert pattern for each frequency. The LED display also includes a signal strength meter.

The SD815iS comes complete with both straight and coiled power cables with cigarette lighter adaptors, a suction cup bracket and a velcro fastner. A protective padded carry case can be ordered seperately

Features Include:
5 BAND radar/laser detection
Enhanced Performance for greater detection range across all frequencies.
CITY MODE with SMART MUTE - Significantly reduces unwanted spurious signals in built up areas, giving the user the choice of switching off both X BAND & Ka BAND completely, the two most common sources of false alerts.
360 degree Radar & Laser detection - 100% protection
Seperate audio & visual indicators
Size 85mm x 65mm x 20mm
Warranty 2 Years
Memory Retention of preferred settings.

Typical Detection Range*

Gatso Cameras - Up to 100m
Radar Guns - Up to 1 mile
Laser Guns - Up to 1 mile

*Please note that the detection range can be influenced by enviromental conditions

Following an Appeal Court ruling in January 1998 we have been advised that it is completely legal to own and use a Snooper Safety Alert System in the UK. It is illegal in France and Belgium and we strongly recommend that you check local legislation before using this product outside of the UK

Tel for more details or call in to see range on display

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