Snooper S5

The Signature Series Snooper S5 offers comprehensive cover of all radar and laser based Speed Traps, by utilising SNOOPER's unique EUROTECH 2000 Technology, increasing your awareness of both your speed and your surroundings.

The S5 has been designed to help you drive within the confines of todays speed limits, by alerting you quickly and easily to the presence of Police speed traps, often located at Accident Blackspots. Electronically indicating potentially dangerous and hazardous situations

This compact detector is powered from the vehicles cigarette lighter and can be mounted either on the dashboard, or on the windscreen with the suction cup bracket provided. An LED text display provides a clear visual alert, whilst a built-in piezo beeper gives you an audible alert of any impending radar or laser sources.

To ensure that the Snooper S5 operates at maximum sensitivity and does not produce the type of 'False' alerts often associated with cheaper radar detectors, the S5 incorporates Digital Logic.Digital Logic is unique to the Snooper S5 and enables the user to choose between three Logic modes, producing three different frequency settings.

Features Include

5 band detection of ALL radar/laser frequencies
Digital Logic Mode, allows you to switch simply and easily between frequencies.
LED text display.
360 degree cover of all radar/laser frequencies.
Express start.
Mute & Automute.
Adjustable brightness control.
Memory retention of preferred features.
2 Year warranty

Typical Detection Range*

Gatso Cameras - Up to 300m
Radar Guns - Up to 2 miles
Laser Guns - Up to 2 miles

Digital Logic Settings

Logic Mode 1 - Worldwide
Logic Mode 2 - Central Europe
Logic Mode 3 - United Kingdom

Please note that the detection range can be influenced by enviromental conditions

Following an Appeal Court ruling in January 1998 we have been advised that it is completely legal to own and use a Snooper Safety Alert System in the UK. It is illegal in France and Belgium and we strongly recommend that you check local legislation before using this product outside of the UK

Tel for more details or call in to see range on display

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