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Whether you want to out accelerate the latest sports cars or are looking for an improvement in the performance of your car, a Sports Cam Kit is a definite necessity. No other single modification will result in a greater increase in performance. Picking the right Cam Kit for your car is a easy as 1, 2, 3. Sport Cam Kits improves mid-range with gains up to 22 bhp, Sport 'R' Cam Kits for modified cars with gains up to 30 bhp and Competition Cam Kits specifically designed for off road use. To compliment these kits there is a full range of power pulleys, oil pumps, stem seals, head stretch bolts and cam belts. Cam, followers,springs also sold separately.
Piper Cams have been famous for producing cams as long as most people can remember. Starting in 1963, the company has over 35 years of experience working at the highest levels of automotive technology for enthusiasts and industry clients. Continuous investment in both technical equipment and engineering staff have kept the company at the forefront of design and profile development. This, coupled with stringent quality control and manufacturing tolerances, has resulted in an unrivalled reputation. There is a full range of original and new profiles to suit every requirement.

Oil Coolers & Accessories
Oil Coolers are available in two matrix widths 115mm or 235mm in nine heights from 9 to 50 row with either BSP & JIC fittings. Dedicated installation kits are available however pipe plus steel or alloy fittings are all available separately for custom applications. Oil temperature thermostats can be built into the take off plate or plumbed in independently. Remote take off plates & remote filter heads are available where space is limited. There is a full range of Aeroquip piping from rubber thru steel braided to re-useable racing hose.
Facet Fuel Pumps & Accessories
Solid state Fuel Pumps in 3 sizes 2.5-3psi,4-5.5psi,6-7psi.
Interrupter Fuel Pumps in 3 sizes 4-5.5psi,5-6psi,6.5-7.25psi.
Unions in 1/8 & 1/4 NPTF for 6,8 or 10mm & -6JIC.
Adjustable Fuel Pressure regulators with or without glass or alloy filter bowls. Power boost valves for snap response for EFi equipped cars. Fuel injection pumps and roller vane fuel pumps for turbo charged systems. Suit rubber or steel braided fuel pipe. Blue, red or chrome hose finishers for a professional finish.

Re-circulating Dump Valve

Bailey Dump Valves
Dump valves are designed to release unused boost pressure when lifting off throttle which, due to a decrease in back pressure, helps to keep the turbo spinning between gear changes for faster acceleration. This is accompanied by a load audible 'whoosh' of air giving that distinctive 'turbo'ed sound. Older designs use rubber diaphragms which will eventually split or break (even kevlar ones). After many hours of testing Bailey Motorsport has invented a revolutionary new piston type dump valve which is maintenance free, putting an end to split diaphragms. A further development is the EVO dump valve which has been specially designed to work on cars with airflow meters/metering heads, such as the Escort RS Turbo, Fiat Uno/Punto, Subaru Impreza etc. A re-circulating dump valve is also produced for Sierra/Escort Cosworth to directly replace the standard Bosch unit. It has all the advantages of a standard dump valve but without the audible 'whoosh'.

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