Racing Oil
SAE 50W-50 Superior mineral based high performance oil.
Synthetic Fortified Racing Oil SAE 15W-50 For ultimate performance in 4 stoke competition engines.
Synpower SAE 0W-30,5W-40,5W-50 Fully synthetic for diesel & petrol passenger cars with or without turbochargers or catalytic converters.

Turbo V SAE 15W-50 Premium oil for all petrol & diesel engines with or without turbochargers or catalytic converters.
Mobil 1
SAE 0w-40 Tri-synthetic for all petrol & diesel engines with or without turbochargers or catalytic converters.
Mobil 1 Motorsport SAE 15w-50 Fully synthetic for the highest performing engines.
Mobilube 1 SHC75W-90 Fully synthetic multipurpose gear and axle oil.

SAE40 High performance monograde mineral oil recommended for single and multi-cylinder engines under competition conditions.
R40 SAE40 Performance 4 stroke caster based oil with the distinctive 'R' aroma.
B373 Mineral based extreme pressure gear oil with excellent load carrying capabilities for use in limited slip final drives in racing and rally cars.
Response Super Dot 4 Brake & clutch fluid with exceptional anti-corrosion and anti-vapour lock characteristics suitable for high performance vehicles.
SAE 5W-30,5W-40,0W-40 Extremely well suited to modern multi-valve engines.
Extra HTS SAE 5w-40 Fully synthetic suited to all modern engines. Offers maximum performance & protection under the most severe conditions.
Racing SAE 10W-60 Suited to high power engines used under extreme conditions.
Sint 2000 SAE 10W-40 Motor oil of unique composition recommended by all major manufacturers. Offers maximum protection under all conditions especially high temperatures.
F1-Supermotor Oil SAE15W-40 Top quality mineral oil for all petrol & diesel engines.

Turbolene GTi
SAE15W-50 Synthetic based racing specification engine oil developed to provide outstanding protection in performance and competition engines.
Turbolene XTR2 SAE10W-40 Unique synthesised hydrocarbon formulation contains latest lubricity and anti-wear additives for outstanding performance in EFi & turbo engines.
Racelube SAE 20W-50 Friction modified high performance multigrade.
Pro-Race 20 SAE 5W-20 Fully synthetic racing oil. It's rapid air release properties make it ideal for dry sumps systems.
Silkolene Pro-Boost Octane improver specifically designed to combat pre-ignition so called 'pinking'. Also combats 'over-run' or 'run-on'.
Silkolene ProRace 2000 Racing brake fluid for car and motorcycles.
AP551 Dot 3 racing brake fluid compatible with magnesium braking systems.
AP600 Racing brake fluid with a dry boiling point in excess of 300o C.
Castrol SRF Racing brake fluid for use under the most extreme conditions. Dry boiling point in excess of 310o C.
Silicon Brake Fluid Dot 5 brake fluid with dry boiling point in excess of 260oC. Does not damage paintwork and eliminates corrosion.

This is just a selection of the range of oils & fluids available
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