Red Dot produce a range of high performance discs ranging from 6 to 40 grooves, lightweight cross drilled and plain faced group 'N'. The main advantages are improved brake fade characteristics, improved de-glazing and higher working temperatures. An important factor in selecting one of their brake discs is that the higher the number of grooves, the greater the working temperature rating.

All Red Dot Discs are manufactured from a higher grade of alloy than normally associated with brake disc production. Better braking action is achieved through this slightly softer composite alloy and tighter machining tolerances.

6 Groove 20 Groove

40 Groove Drilled & Grooved Drilled
Red Dot performance brake pads are available in three grades-
XE - for fast road use, manufactured from a Kevlar based material offering extended brake wear and increased braking power. Recent advances in Kevlar based materials mean this range is Asbestos free.
XF - a Kevlar-Asbestos free material suitable for high performance road and semi competition vehicles working up to 600 degrees C.
XK - Kevlar-Carbon based pads, offering reduced disc wear and high termal stability up to 800 degrees C and requiring less pedal pressure, thus reducing pad and disc wear.

In all cases these pad materials work efficiently from cold.

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