Tyre Fitting

Wheel Balancing

Rolling Road Power Runs & Tunes

Wheel Arch Rolling


Uneven Tyre Wear

Car Pulling to One Side

Offset Steering Wheel

If these are familiar problems then you need our services.
We have invested heavily in Snap On Sun Tech equipment. Our computerised 6 camera wheel alignment system coupled with precision quickclamps and 4 tonne scissor lift platform ensures perfect results. Scissor lifts offer precision accuracy over 4 poster ramps which can often vary as much as 10mm at each corner. Our ramp is one of the only ones in the country to be set in the ground. Hence clearance in not a problem even on formula cars.

Computerised 4 wheel alignment is the check and adjustment of the following angles-
Geometrical thrust line,rear left toe,rear right toe,rear total toe, rear left camber,rear right camber, left front toe,right front toe, front total toe, steering wheel alignment, left front camber, right front camber, front setback, left front caster, right front caster, front camber differential, front caster differential & toe out on turns.

Full before and after printout


Our workshops are fully tiled, well lit and heated. Your car will be worked on in clinical and secure conditions. We can fit any of the products that we sell and offer a fabrication service as required. Welding facilities include gas,arc,mig tig & spot. We offer a plumbing service for race vehicles.

Whether you just want us to fit or make an exhaust, fit a fire extinguisher, seat, harness, roll cage. etc.....
we can provide this service.

We'll even look after your car for you.
All you have to do is race.

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Built/building a Kit Car
Need help finishing it, sourcing a part
We can help - give us a call


Do you race

Want to win

Building a kit car

Take the guess work out of spring settings. Bigger engines are not always the answer. The correct handling of your car will make all the difference. Have your car set up professionally. We also have a spring rate tester so can check out any springs you have .

Engine a little tired
Restore your cars peak performance with an Engine SuperVac Chemical De-coke
available for Petrol & Diesel engines - all done whilst you wait

Nitrous Oxide Systems fitted
Vehicle Chipping - enquire for full details
Main dealers for Superchips

Centre of gravity calculation
14 Display Modes
Weight Goal/Tune features
Display of four corner weights & five percentages
0.1% accuracy
Print out

Plus we can fit all our products - Most whilst you wait - Tel or call in for full details

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