Why a Ramair Filter
Improved engine performance
Better engine efficiency
Longer filter life
Environmentally friendly
Tested for superior filtration performance
Preferred filter of many leading manufacturers and race teams

Supa-Ram Induction kits
Cold air induction
Minimum restriction
Increased performance
Kit replaces the airbox
Filter is cleanable/reusable

Kits contain all the brackets, adapters, nuts and bolts that are required to fit each kit to the car along with comprehensive instructions. Wide model range available.

Pro-Ram Induction kits - Top of the range!
Maximum airflow
Increased performance

Developed for the genuine enthusiast, Pro-ram induction kits enhance power and acceleration. Designed to replace the complete OE air cleaner assembly. The filter utilises the spun aluminium trumpet with its advanced bellmouth design for optimum airflow. Each kits comes with silicone hoses, brackets and adaptors necessary for a straightforward DIY installation.

Direct Replacement Filters
Increased engine power (up to 5%)
Greater filtration efficiency
Environmentally friendly
Fits the existing airbox
Longer filter life
Easy D.I.Y fitment (within minutes)

A range of filters designed to be fitted in place of manufacturer's original. Full range available.

Jetstream filters
This range of filters has an aluminium ram-pipe neck with the addition of an integral inverted cone. This integral cone channels all the incoming air towards the inlet manifold and in doing so reduces unnecessary turbulence. The filters being
cone shape enable easy fitting into restricted engine compartments and with the inclusion of the inverted cone boost power too.

Universal Filters, Accesories & Cleaning kits

Universal Clamp-on Filters Cold Air Induction Hoses Aerosol Cleaning Kit Economy Cleaning kit

All can be fitted in our workshops whilst you wait

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