All Elliot Design Tachometers are manufactured and tested to the highest standards. They have been specifically designed for use in all types of competition vehicle, and as such are compatible with all electronic and contact breaker ignition systems. Available for 4,6 and 8 cylinder engines as standard. Custom and non standard scales can be built to order.

Clubman Range

Professional Sport Range

Lightweight (250gms) 80mm
Very compact (45mm) deep
Accuracy 1.5% of full scale deflection
Flood illumination with external lamp and holder
200mm long flying leads for easy installation
Standard scales 0-8,0-9,0-10,0-12krpm
80mm or 100mm, black or white
Lightweight (300gms) 80mm
Permanent internal illumination
Maximum reading recall (Tell-Tale)
250mm long flying leads for easy installation
Expanded (non-linear) scale
Calibrated for 2,4,6,8,12 cyls
80mm or 100mm, black or white

Clubman range also available in Classic format with chrome bezels and Diesel options
Also matching turbo boost gauge
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