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Over the past 30 years AP Racing have spearheaded development in brake and clutch technology to create race winners in every field of motorsport. This has spawned the most comprehensive range of brake and clutch systems available for competition and high performance use.
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AP clutches fall into three distinct groups
Performance Clutches-Ideal for club competition use and consist of an uprated cover, organic or cerametallic drive plate and top quality release bearing.
Sintered & Cerametallic Race Clutches- 'A' ring type or 'Lug Drive' single,twin or triple plate or pull type units suitable for single seaters,rallying and endurance racing.
Carbon Clutches-Extremely lightweight, low inertia clutches with low wear rates as used in F1. These clutches allow faster gear changes,give enhanced engine pick up and cleaner gear engagement.

Pro 5000 Caliper & Disc Range
Developed to bring a higher level of brake performance at an affordable price. The range consists of three caliper families and seven different disc sizes from 280mm x 25.4 to 355mm x 35.5mm. Two configurations of discs are available. All the caliper are fitted with aluminium pistons and 4lb anti-knockback springs as standard.

Formula Brake kits - Give you control!
New Formula four and six piston brake kits will reduce your braking effort and give you more responsive, late braking confidence.
Developed through technology gained working with top teams such as Williams. Available for Ford, Honda, Lotus, MG, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Rover and Subaru.
Full fitting service available.
To get the full benefit of this upgrade we recommend a four wheel alignment - see workshop for details

A comprehensive range of hydraulic components is available to complement the brake & clutch range.

Master cylinders 5/8" - 1in
Reservoirs - various sizes
Brake Proportioning Valves - Lever & Screw type
Brake Fluid
AP551 Dry boiling Point 280 degrees Centigrade
AP600 Dry boiling Point 315 degrees Centigrade


Cast, alloy & water cooled calipers
4 & 6 pot are available
Solid & vented discs from 248mm to 378mm suitable for every racing application
Manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a balanced & true disc.
Various mounting options available.

Brake Kits- High performance braking systems giving increased braking power in addition to fade resistance.
Carbon Metallic Brake Pads
For the ultimate in performance friction offering longer pad life, no fade & less pedal effort.
Available in three compounds-
Black 80 - Medium torque,light race
Black 83 - High torque, less pedal effort
Black 93 - Highest torque superior feel and response.

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