High Emissions Lack of Power................. Then your car needs a Supervac

Whats a Supervac

A Supervac cleans your engine from the inside. It is the most technologically advanced method available for cleaning harmful fuel system contaminants from petrol and diesel engines.
How does it work
Once the unit is connected, it temporarily replaces the regular fuel supply with a mixture of fuel and specially formulated cleaning detergents. With the engine idling the unit pumps the fuel and detergent mixture through the engines fuel system. As the mixture passes through the system, it loosens and dissolves accumulated deposits, which then pass harmlessly out through the exhaust system or are removed by the units own fuel filters.
Improved horse power
Increased fuel economy
A more even burn
Reduced exhaust emissions

It really works!!! only
69.99 inc vat

Especially beneficial for vehicles that have done over 60,000 miles
Process take about 1 hour

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