Revotec Gauges

Top quality precision instruments. White faced with Aluminium Bezel. Case diameter 52mm. All backlit. Input 12v supply. Made in the UK

Boost Gauge -1 to 2 bar

Boost Gauge 30HG to 30psi

Voltmeter 9-17 Volts

Water Temp Electrical 40-120C

Water Temp Mechanical 40-150C

Ammeter -60 to +60 Amps

Oil Pressure Electrical 0-100psi

Oil Pressure Mechanical 0-100psi

Oil Temp Electrical 50-150C

Gauge Panels,Pods & Clusters
Below -Available im Carbon fibre look or Black leather grain. Supplied pre-drilled for 52mm gauges
Far right - Instrument cluster pre-drilled for 3 x 52mm gauges &
2 x 100mm gauges
Matching 100mm Speedo & Tacho now available

Single Pod
Base 8.9x14.2cms Height 8.4cms

Triple Pod
Base 21.5x14cms Height 8.4cms

Light/switch Mount
Base 7.4x12 cms Height 5.2cms

Single Window/A post fitting Base
7.3x24.1cms Height 10.8cms Left/Right

Double Window/A post fitting Base
7.3x30.2cms Height 12..8cms Left/Right

Triple Window/A post fitting Base
7.3x34cms Height 14.5cms Left/Right

Single Flat Plate 9x15cms

Double Flat Plate 30x15cms

Triple Flat Plate 30 x15cms

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