K&N's track record in designing and manufacturing high quality air filters is second to none
High Flow and long life with total protection guaranteed
All K&N filters are washable, provide superior fitting and give up to 40% more flow.
See for yourself - Come along and try our in store flow demonstrator

Bolt on filters -For carburettor equipped cars. The standard air box is replaced with a chrome topped high flow performance filter.
Available in various sizes for most carb applications.
57i Induction Kits - For fuel injected cars. Looks good and sounds superb. Replacing the restrictive standard air intake and airbox with a simpler, high flow induction system unleashing your engine's potential to produce more power. The unrestricted air flow increases performance and improves throttle response generating a crisp induction roar.
Universal Clamp on Filters - Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From small breathers to large remote air filters. Ideal for DIY applications.
Replacement elements - Replaces the standard paper filter. Easy to fit and available for most models. More power, slightly more induction noise. Limited million mile warranty.

Filter Care
Only use K&N cleaner and oil to prolong the life of your filter. Available separately or as a filter cleaning kit.
Spares & Accessories
A complete range is available including gaskets, breather take off pipes, trumpets and hot air kits.
New - Generation ll Induction kits
Building on the success of the original 57i kits, K&N are developing a new generation of performance induction systems. After extensive research and dyno developement these kits will give even more bhp and torque. The sealed air box is force fed with cold dense air from the front of the vehicle. The one piece moulded ABS plastic induction pipe ensures air entering the engine does not increase in temperature - giving maximum possible horsepower. Available for a selected range of models.

All filters can be fitted while you wait

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