EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes are produced in a modern ISO 9002 conforming factory in Bristol, England. The EBC programme ranges from 'Type Approved' OEM replacement brake pads to upgrade roadsport pads and full competition formulations offering a perfect selection for every type of brake pad requirement and type of motor vehicle.

Reg 90 Approved
This Kevlar based formulation is guaranteed to meet or exceed performance of all original equipment pads with strong progressive braking, reduction of dust on wheels and fantastic wear life. Type approved 'E' marked brake pads will soon bear the reg 90 logo in place or alongside TUV/KBA certification. Reg 90 approved pads are totally legal for road use where a KBA was previously exclusively used and is accepted by insurance companies in place of KBA.
GREEN STUFF Kevlar Roadsport Compound

An upgrade roadsport or light race car pad, this high Kevlar content formulation has won many awards in UK magazines and received the 1999 UK Autotrade magazine Innovation Award for a high performance brake pad that does not 'Dust' alloy wheels. It was also rated No1 Fast Road Car Brakes by the UK's motorsport magazine MAXPOWER in 1999. With a friction co-efficient of around 0.5 and high resistance to brake fade (550 degree C) this pad is a superb upgrade for street use cars, not requiring ABE/Reg Approval or light race and rally use. In competition applications, Greenstuff has been very successful with single seater cars such as Ginetta/Formula 600/Formula Ford and has a low to medium lifetime in race conditions.

Full race formulation

New spotties combo design
Zinc plated and gold coated to prevent corrosion in area outside pad
Precision machined and balanced
Made in the UK
1999 Award winning performance- rated 'Best Fast Road Spec Brakes'

EBC semi metallic Redstuff formulation is a true tarmac race pad with medium lifetime and a friction level of about 0.3 steadily rising to 0.33 at 750 degrees C. Redstuff is extremely kind to brake discs and can be used on road vehicles for extreme duty use as well as on race cars.
Full race formulation

EBC's standard programme for roadgoing vehicles is supplied with either Reg 90 approved (black grade) material or standard Kevlar (also black coded) material, safe for all standard road vehicles, saloon car or light commercials.
Upgrades for fast road, race or rally use are as follows. Green for high performance street use or race use on lighter cars up to 750 kilos, Red for heavier cars in fast road, rally or tarmac racing. Yellow for full race use on touring cars, BTCC or championship cup races requiring highest durability. See graph below for appropriate compound selection.
EBC's 'Flagship' race compound - Yellowstuff is our longest lasting full race compound, again exhibiting zero brake disc damage. Yellowstuff has a friction level of 0.34 average, delivering awesome stopping power right up to 900 degrees C. Rated 'Best Race Car Brakes' Maxpower UK 99 brake test.
BLUE STUFFalso available
Full race formulation
Endurance grade for race & rally use

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