Top quality wheels available in most fitments and offsets
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Many also available in Hyper Silver Finish

ACE 106 7x16,71/2 X17 ACE 112 7x16,7x17,81/2x18 ACE 188 71/2 x17, 81/2x18

ACE 157 15in to 19in ACE 193 61/2x15,7x16,7x17,81/2x18 ACE 198 71/2x17, 71/2x18

Great deals on wheel & tyre builds
We use Yokohama or Uniroyal Tyres

Wheel arches can be rolled if you want to take things to the limit

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ACE 132 81/2x18,81/2x19,81/2&9x20

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