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Magnex exhausts from CLF International a high performance engineering company with a world class pedigree. They also manufacture the race proven Micron exhaust range, the world leader in Motor cycle Road & Race systems. They make exhausts for some of the world's greatest cars including being the name behind the roar of the TVR.

Sport Silencers

First base for experiencing the Magnex world of power. These bolt on silencers offer a superb fit to your original exhaust system.
A range of tailpipe designs are available for Audi,BMW,Citroen,Fiat,Ford,Peugeot,Renault,Rover,VW,Vauxhall & more.....
All carry a lifetime guarantee for original purchaser.

Twin 2 1/2in Twin Squared 4in Round Twin 3in

Large Oval Twin DTM 6x4 Oval

Full/Cat Back systems
Many performance claims are just hot air. Magnex develop each system to deliver proven power increases that have earned them the international reputation of being number one. A powerful combination of increased performance, tuned exhaust note and drop dead gorgeous styling.

Impreza System

Punto System

Golf 3 System

Saxo System

Systems & Manifolds
For those committed to the ultimate in power gains, then a full Magnex system and manifold is the vital first step. Dyno-tested to deliver optimum gas flow with big gains in power, torque and driveability. Whatever you put into your motor, Magnex will get out.

Performance Manifolds

Cat bypass kits

For those seeking the ultimate power increase for motor sport or track days Magnex cat bypass kits reign supreme ensuring optimum performance and sound.
N.B. Models fitted with original equipment catalytic converters will not pass an M.O.T if removed.

Serious about high performance Choose Magnex and sort out the men from the boys

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